3 reasons why being in a band is good for you.

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#1. Playing music is healthy for your brain.

No one really knows if music ACTUALLY makes you smarter, however it does force your brain to think in an extraordinary way. You are constantly problem solving and using math at times to solve musical problems. You may not think of writing music like this, but the very process of writing music challenges your creativity in an astonishing way.

Watch Mark Applebaum – The Mad Scientist of Music change the way you think about music.


#2. Playing an instrument WELL is super sexy.

This goes for men and women. If you play an instrument well or can sing your way into the depths of another person’s soul, you my friend will be sexy as all hell. It doesn’t even matter of you are 5 out of 10 on the hot or not scale. If you can strum those angelic chords or beat those drums, you will be someone’s crush. Guaranteed!

#3. Being in a band helps create lasting relationships.

Some of the best friends you can ever make will be your band mates. After all, you do spend a lot of time with them. You confide in each other, and get through remarkable creative feats. These friendships can be life long if they are nurtured properly. Too much ego, pride and self worth in a band will leave you standing alone, with no band, and no one to share your memories with.

If you do’t believe me, why not ask the members of Toronto’s own – Anvil! They are the most dedicated metal heads to ever come out of Canada.

Can you think of other reasons why being in a band is good for you?

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THE UNCHAINED3 reasons why being in a band is good for you.